Wedding Invitations fit for a Paper Maker



Planning a wedding can be stressful. All those details that make an event so special can also be extremely overwhelming. Things like the perfect venue, caterer or invitations can make the most laid back couple want to elope. Now imagine you’re the groom who’s family also happens to make some of the most sought after papers in the print and design industry, talk about pressure! Brian French, the sixth generation of family-owned French Paper, is the groom I’m speaking of. And all I know is these were wedding invitations fit for a paper maker!

French Paper is known in the industry for its iconic branding. Their paper samples are highly sought after works by throughout the print and design community. So I’m sure it wasn’t easy for Brian and his bride to select the perfect paper, print and design details to announce their big day.

As with any important print project, Brian relied on the expertise of industry professionals who also happen to be some pretty good friends. The invitation was created by Indianapolis designer and letterer, Bob Ewing. Bob created a few custom badges for the couple that were included on the Save the Date and invitation.


The printing is by friends at Mama’s Sauce in Orlando and features some gorgeous finishing like embossing, debossing and foil stamping. The papers used were from French’s Kraft-Tone line in ledger green kraft and packing chip kraft. It’s not exactly the type of paper one thinks of for wedding invitations but it works beautifully with the design and print techniques used. This is the perfect example of how an unexpected paper can completely transform a printed piece.


When I last saw Brian, the invitations had long been sent and he was handing out samples and chatting up creatives at HOW Design Live. I asked when the big day was, and he replied the wedding was taking place that coming Saturday, a mere three days away! I would have been freaking out, but there was no sign of that from Brian. If the invitations were any indication, something tells me this groom had all the details under control.

Congratulations Brian & Erin!

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