Visual Trends – 2015 and Beyond


Trendspotting. We all want to know what the next trend is before it’s a thing. Part of create compelling design is knowing what’s current and translating that into messaging that will get noticed and remembered. Corbis, the company known for their stock photography, has put out a report on visual trends, here’s the areas they predict will underscore the best creative in 2015 and beyond. 


Creation & Collaboration – Heavily influenced by the maker movement, the concept of collaboration is celebrated by innovative creators with an emphasis on shared knowledge for mutual benefit rather than competitiveness.


Spectacle – Just scroll through your histogram feed and you’re sure to see adventure travel emerging as one of the fastest-growing travel segments globally, along with urban exploration and non-traditional sports.

Storytelling – Richly layered images woven into authentic narrative is something people relate and understand.

Pure & Simple – There’s a backlash over the perfectionism portrayed in social media, people gravitate towards what’s real.  Imperfection is aspirational, there is beauty in our flaws and that’s relatable to everyone.  Our candid, raw moments in life are becoming the new visual ideal.


Whimsy – there’s a reason we like all those buzzfeed videos of our pets, moments of true happiness, humor and charm have universal appeal. 

Fluidity – With the lines of traditional roles blurred, our culture transcends past societal norms and defies definition. Visual images express the freedom and acceptance across cultures and lifestyles of today.


Colors, Shapes & Patterns – Surprising elements of geometry and color capture our attention and provide structure to visuals, while unexpected patterns and shapes with organic and natural settings create memorable contrast.

Optimism – Life’s about celebrating the little moments and today’s visuals reflect our love for the lighter side of things.

Read the full report and see examples of these trends in Corbis’ creative research feature series.

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