The Secret to Producing Memorable Print


Most people think great design is the key to producing amazing print.

Great design is only half the battle. In my opinion, the reason many print projects fail isn’t because of the design. It’s because of a lack of detail.

Designers who are known for creating amazing print design, are involved in every aspect of the process – from concept through to production. And that includes specifying and sometimes even sourcing the paper.

For some of you, this may seem like a no brainer. But I’d ask you, how often are you settling for the printer’s house sheet on your work? Be honest. When was the last time you actually had work produced on the paper you envisioned using and specified for the job?

You can blame it on a lack of budget, availability issues, or a tight deadline. Those are just excuses. Every print project faces those same challenges.

The truly memorable, award winning work excels not in spite of, but because of those challenges.

The creatives producing enviable work all have one thing in common – they make sure they control the production details. And that includes the paper specs.

The secret to producing memorable print starts with paper.

Don’t take my word for it. If you want to see some pretty fab print design produced by creatives like you, on a real-world budget, then you want to subscribe to The Parcel.

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There’s also a healthy dose of eye candy in the form of mill promos. You’ll be inspired by your favorite paper makers demonstrating what’s possible on all types of papers.

You’ll see samples using tactile colored papers, some on slick coated sheets, and some tried & true work horses in the world of uncoated white paper. Plus we share some P&P exclusives, produced just for our subscribers – like this little number featured in the current issue.


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