The Sample Studio – One Stop Shop for Paper Samples

It took a while but the dog days of summer are finally here. In a summer where we’ve had more spring like temps than sweltering heat, I for one welcome its arrival. Mainly because it means I get to enjoy drinks on the patio while my husband grills up dinner (it’s too hot to cook indoors). But it won’t be long before the lazy days are over and the back-to-school frenzy begins. While we can’t do much about the start of another school year, we can help when it comes to getting organized with your school supplies, paper resources. The Sample Studio is open for business.

The Sample Studio at Parse & Parcel offers creatives one stop shopping for paper samples, envelopes, mock ups and swatchbooks. Choose from sample packs of your favorite plain paper samples in two standard sizes 8.5 x 11 or 12.5 x 19, as well as samples of envelopes in standard stock sizes. Keep in mind we’re a working sample studio, so our quantities are limited to 50 sheets of any one sample item. If you’re looking for larger quantities we can help connect you to the right resource. The same goes for envelopes. When it comes to mock-ups and dummies we’ve got you covered there too. We’ll mock-up dummies based on your specs and can provide different bindery options, all you need to do is fill out the form with the proper information.

But what if you don’t know what color, basis weight or finishes are available in a grade? Well, we offer swatch book resources in The Sample Studio too. We love a good online chip chart for a quick stock reference but paper is meant to be seen and touched – have you ever tried to select the perfect shade of white from a monitor?


The challenge with launching The Sample Studio was how do we make it simple to use without launching a full paper distribution/e-commerce solution – after all paper has its own language and has thousands of combinations. You do need to know a few essentials to order, things like grade name (ex. Classic Crest), basis weight (ex. 80# cover), finish type (ex. linen, laid, smooth, etc.) and color (ex. Avalanche White). When in doubt refer to the swatch book or mill website – they all publish grade line spec sheets online. Even if you don’t have a current swatch book and want to order samples, you can find the grade spec sheet on their site and it’ll tell you if the color/finish/weight combo you want is a thing that exists. Or you can email us – we can help with that too.

When I started Parse & Parcel, I knew I wanted to offer a full service paper sample studio. During my time as a spec rep, it always bugged me how some designers/printers got access to sample services while others didn’t. I understand why, the paper merchants make money selling paper to the printers, not typically the designer. So if the designer uses a printer that will not purchase the paper from the paper rep’s company, that paper rep (and their company) did all this work but didn’t get paid for it. And that’s why most paper reps only offer samples services to larger, corporate accounts and commercial printers. I told you I understood it, but that doesn’t mean I agree with it. So when I started Parse & Parcel I was able to do something about it – and because ANYONE can order online, EVERYONE can have access to paper samples.

And for a limited time we’re offering VIP membership to The Sample Studio. Be the first to know about new products and promotions, swatch book updates, grade line additions, special offers and discounts and VIP events coming to your market. As a special bonus, sign up and save 20% on all sample studio services! But hurry, as soon as the dog days are over so is the chance to become a sample studio VIP member.

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