The Look of Laid

We’re not sure why, but laid finish papers get a bad rap.  Perhaps its because they were thought of as “resume paper” and became the paper of choice for the quick printer. Whatever the reason they were frowned upon, this stunning identity by FODA studio is proof positive that laid papers are anything but common and remain a classic option in any designer’s swatchbox.

Featuring metallic copper ink on blue laid cover stock, the paper selection is befitting this identity of a venerable 35 year old brand.  The laid finish has grids of parallel lines that simulate the pattern created by the screens used in handmade papermaking. Through the use of a dandy roll, the fibers are positioned via a watermark and the dandy roll imparts the laid surface to the paper – giving it the look and feel of a handmade paper.

We love how elegant and refined the brand feels, yet the print production is fairly simple. While only printing one ink color they let the color of the paper really work for them, as is evidenced in the glen plaid design on the note card. Additionally the stock was used for business cards, maxing out the cut from the folio sheet. Since the grid pattern of the laid finish can impact your finished design, be sure to consult your swatchbook for the proper grain direction.

Our paper pick for replicating this look: Classic Laid Patriot Blue in 80 or 100 cover weight. For print inspiration like this delivered to your doorstep, subscribe to The Parcel.

Images via FODA studio.
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