The Envelope Kit – From Neenah, With Love

I love sending cards. I think it’s one of the most sincere ways to convey a sentiment. Whether it be an expression of gratitude, joy or love – it truly is the thought that counts. But I confess, I am not a fan of card shopping. Mainly because I struggle to find one that’s equally appealing in graphics and message. And don’t even get me started on the envelope. For me, a card is a reflection of the giver and just like choosing what outfit to wear to a shindig, requires a careful amount of thought and creativity. This process would be so much easier if I could just take the image in my head and create my own perfect card and envelope. Well it just so happens that a small group of creatives and myself were able to do just that. Inspired by the arrival of The Envelope Kit from Neenah, Parse & Parcel hosted a Valentine’s Day themed Crafty Hour in the sample studio this week.

My team and I had the perfect excuse to play with all the fab papers at our disposal and we wanted to declare our love of paper in a big way. So we covered a 40′ wall with a massive paper installation featuring Neenah’s shimmery Stardream in Rose Quartz and Azalea. P&P’s sample studio coordinator and artist Molly Brill, crafted a geometric grid pattern out of six inch square sheets of Stardream. Assisted by our intern Julie, the two worked in assembly line fashion to create a vision of paper love. Check out a behind the scenes look at the installation.

Next, we turned to our swatch books to help selecting the perfect papers for the card and envelope crafting. After pulling sheets of all our paper selections, we prepped by scoring, folding and cutting the card stock down to A-7 and A-2 size enclosures. With the card stock carefully labeled, we arranged text weight papers in a gradient waterfall to help facilitate the envelope making process.
Despite the wicked snow storm happening outside, guests were welcomed to the studio with glasses of bubbly and some sweet treats. After all, what could be better than crafts and cupcakes? Fueled by sugar, we glued, glittered, folded and stamped sentiments of love to our sweethearts. And at the end of evening, each guest left with their very own Neenah Envelope Kit! And since our friends at Neenah know how much we love to share – especially when it comes to paper – they’ve given us 10 additional limited edition Envelope Kits to giveaway to our audience! Enter here for your chance to win one of these amazing kits, but hurry contest ends Wednesday (2/17/16) at midnight. Winners will be notified by email.

*Giveaway has ended.*

Beautifully packaged in an etched wooden box, The Envelope Kit is the perfect addition to any studio – from Neenah, with love.


8 thoughts on “The Envelope Kit – From Neenah, With Love”

  1. This story had me swooning. My favorite kind of love story, filled with the thing I’m passionate about – paper! A happy ending ensures it will be a classic. perfect way to end this Valentines’s day.

  2. I am THRILLED to see paper & envelopes used this way! The display, venue & celebration creates an emotional tie to paper and the value of a hand crafted message.

    Great work 🙂

    • Thanks Michelle – we absolutely LOVED hosting the event and had a blast creating all the elements for it. Paper is so tactile and one can’t help but form a connection to it, especially in such a hand-crafted way. Thanks to Neenah for for their generosity in this fab giveaway.

  3. This would be a dream to have in the design studio. I love card making! I tend to make a lot of cards for my clients such as invitations, holiday cards, thank you notes, portfolio work, etc. The possibilities are endless!


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