Identity Simplicity, Wine Label Stock & Love Letters

Tamarindo Identity on Parse & ParcelTGIF!

Where did summer go?  We’ve been busy bees this month, filling orders, packing and shipping The Parcel and moving into our new digs in Cleveland. This past week we started stocking The Sample Studio, a giant 40′ wall of floor to ceiling paper samples. Aside from a few minor paper cuts, it’s coming along nicely. Stay tuned – we’ll be sharing more on that in a bit.

Paper Obsession: Louise Fili Notecards

Louise-Fili-NotecardsIt’s no secret I love stationery. I’ve amassed quite a collection over the years, and am always on the hunt for interesting pieces to add to it.  You name it, and I probably have an example of it – everything from Victorian (I know but my mom gave it to me) to hand marbled Florentine papers to letterpress kitsch. Lately I’ve been obsessed with vintage Italian typography in all forms – from signage to packaging design.  You may have seen our post on the Perfetto! pencils and packaging we scored earlier this year.  Now I am obsessed with these Louise Fili notecards and packaging she designed for Princeton Architectural Press.

KTG Group Annual Report

KTG-group-annual-reportAt its most basic form, an annual report must communicate credibility and transparency. These days most companies opt to share this information online. We get it, annual reports can be expensive. However we’d argue isn’t the whole point to establish a connection that’s memorable with shareholders? That’s exactly what this annual report from KTG Group does.

More Bread & Branding


If you’re been following along with us, you know we adore bread, in all it’s baked forms. When you start with top notch ingredients and a highly skilled artisan baker, you get amazing results.  Well the same can be said for brand identity.  In keeping with our current obsession, today we bring you more bread & branding.

Fazer Cafe Branding

fazer-cafe-branding-parse-and-parcelIf  I had to chose only one food to eat the rest of my life it would be bread – hands down.  Give me a slice of a nice rustic peasant bread or a rich, flaky croissant and I am in heaven.  The only thing that could make the experience better is its presentation.  Well the team at Kokoro & Moi took care of that when they did the branding for Fazer Cafe in Helsinki.

Print Isn’t Dead Magazine Debuts

Print-Isn't-Dead-Parse-and-ParcelProduced by the folks at People of Print, the debut issue of Print Isn’t Dead magazine showcases some pretty nifty illustration and design work. Structured around interviews, articles, features and a directory, the editorial team set out to feature and promote the very essence of print and how it is used in both the creative and industrious worlds. From illustration to product design, the magazine highlights current printing trends as well as traditional methods from around the world. Produced on paper from Italian papermaker Fedrigoni, you can get your copy here.

Chalkboard Art Reimagined – wallCHALKER™

wallCHALKER-parse-and-parcelIf you’ve been following Parse & Parcel on twitter or facebook, you know we’re big fans of designer Dana Tanamachi. While we love all of her work, her chalkboard art installations are among our favorites. We’re so inspired we want to incorporate this technique into our new sample studio space, but how? We love the look, but the idea of taping and painting seems overwhelming under normal circumstances – never mind in the midst of a move. We almost gave up on the idea, but then we remembered wallCHALKER, the new product from MACtac.

USPS Retail Redesign

USPS Retail Redesign

I love mail. I’ve been smitten since my first pen pal as teenager. He was a boy from Manchester, England who was into heavy metal, skateboarding, and football. We had absolutely nothing in common but I loved getting those letters. There was something about seeing that air mail stamp and postmark that made me feel like I just won lottery. My fondness for mail grew when I got to college. Every day on our way to the dining hall, my friends and I would check our mail – box 1187 in the JCU RecPlex saw a lot of letters (I had a boyfriedn back at home and we wrote way too much). The best was seeing the yellow slip through the window – you knew you had a package waiting for you in the mail room. When I graduated and got my first  “real” job, I had to relocate and getting mail from friends and family far away was always a treat. Today I’m on a first name basis with the postal workers in my local branch with all the shipments of  The Parcel sent to subscribers. So I was thrilled to see the recent USPS retail redesign featured in great detail on the Brand New blog.

Wanted: Design Intern

Design-internship-parse-and-parcelParse & Parcel is looking for a fall design intern. We’re a startup on the hunt for someone with a genuine love of ink on paper to take on a variety of tasks to help us build our business. You’ll be working out of our sample studio located in Cleveland, Ohio. If you’re a fan of paper, print and design, read on.

Infographic: Typography Deconstruction


TheLogoCompany created this useful infographic on typography deconstruction for fans of print and typography.  As typography evolved from strictly print to web design, so did much of it’s language.  This infographic details some technical terms and jargon associated with type and explains their meaning in simple, clear language that anyone can understand. A great reference tool for students, junior designers or anyone interested in type to keep on hand and help prevent future mishaps.