Google Canada Wins in Print

If you’re an online company targeting media buyers and creative directors, what’s the best way to highlight the advantages of advertising on your channel over more traditional mediums like television? Um, print. Yes, that’s correct, print. Google Canada hosted an event called YouTube Pulse and created materials dubbed the New Prime Time meant to communicate the premium quality of their medium to a highly visual and literate audience. Apparently we’re not the only ones impressed by this as the serieswas awarded gold in the Graphis Design Annual 2016.

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MENÜ – A Limited Edition Print Collection of Stories & Food


It’s nothing new to see a cookbook that focuses on the food, but the concept behind MENÜ has certainly caught my eye. The book tells the larger story of twenty-two chefs who are changing the gastroculture in Budapest, Hungary. With a mix of culinary talent, the design celebrates the concept of food as community in an experiential way. Wanting to convey its similarity to that of a rare object, MENÜ is a limited edition print collection of stories and food.

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Accent Opaque: The A-List

All images via Katie Benjamin Steed

When it comes to ink on paper, nothing shows the craft of print better than stunning photography. While most of the work to perfect the image is done during pre-press and production, one component that can make or break a project featuring heavy photography is paper selection. One of the best examples I’ve seen featuring photography is the recent promotion on Accent Opaque, The A-List.

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