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But how does it feel?

That’s the one key question I ask before I make any decision. That one word – feel, applies to so much. If you think about it, it can mean the actual texture of a thing, the mood or emotion something evokes, the way something looks, smells, sounds or tastes. Thoughts are cerebral but feeling is existential. Feeling provides us with context that is imprinted on us long after the thought is gone. For example, I had not thought about my grandmother’s kitchen in decades, then last weekend I was cooking chicken soup. I’ve had chicken soup hundreds of times since I was last in that kitchen (she passed away over 25 years ago), and never once did I think about that space. But as I was stirring the soup and got a whiff, I instantly felt like I was 8 years old, standing on a stool in that tiny, brown and gold kitchen waiting for the soup to be done. I love that feeling. Every time I experience one of those moments is priceless.

Down the Rabbit Hole with Anna Bond

Alice_3 TPC_Button

I’m so excited to introduce Sarah Schwartz, the founding editor of Stationery Trends, an award-winning trade quarterly magazine devoted to all things paper! I met Sarah earlier this summer at The Strathmore Archives event we hosted in Cleveland. In addition to being a global trend expert and speaker in the stationery industry, Sarah shares resources and insights in her fab side project The Paper Chronicles. Sarah recently featured the work of one of my faves, Anna Bond of Rifle Paper, chock full of stunning illustration and print techniques I know you’ll all love – so let’s go down the rabbit hole with Anna Bond and Sarah! 

Print Inspiration: Future Classic by Neenah

future-classic-parse-parcelAbout this time of year I get a little antsy. Thoughts of wanderlust start to distract me. I’ll get lost for hours on Instagram searching for the perfect escape. For me the ideal destination has the perfect mix of art, design, food, music and horticulture.Not so sure I’ll find one spot with everything on my wish list, even in the dreamiest of Instagram feeds – never mind the distraction it’ll cause in my work day. Thankfully Neenah’s new piece arrived just in time to quell my fall into the time-suck of social media. Future Classic is the newest promotion from Neenah Paper and it focuses on the relationship between destination and design.

March Wallpaper

March_Wallpaper_Parse_ParcelThere’s no doubt about it, it’s been a long winter.  We’ve been dealing with arctic temps since late November and the snowdrifts are so high the dogs don’t even want to trudge through them. I think we’re all ready to say goodbye February, hello March.  This is the month we start to feel hopeful again – temperatures rise, the birds return and the landscape begins to reveal itself once more. So we’re celebrating the hopefulness of March in this month’s wallpaper design with a blend of type and illustration.

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February Wallpaper

February-wallpaper-parse-parcelWith temps hovering around twenty degrees this week, we didn’t need Punxsutawney Phil to tell us winter will be sticking around for at least six more weeks. All this frosty weather means we’ll continue to be spending a lot of time indoors and plugged-in, but there’s no reason we can’t make things a little brighter while doing it.  So we’re happy to share our February wallpaper featuring a sweet Valentines themed illustration by Chris Corsi.  We love the idea of hand-delivering a valentine to that special someone.

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MENÜ – A Limited Edition Print Collection of Stories & Food


It’s nothing new to see a cookbook that focuses on the food, but the concept behind MENÜ has certainly caught my eye. The book tells the larger story of twenty-two chefs who are changing the gastroculture in Budapest, Hungary. With a mix of culinary talent, the design celebrates the concept of food as community in an experiential way. Wanting to convey its similarity to that of a rare object, MENÜ is a limited edition print collection of stories and food.

Jameson St. Patrick’s Day Limited Edition Bottle

Inspired by the sights and sounds of its hometown, Dublin, Jameson is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a new limited edition design for it’s legendary bottle.

The fourth in its St. Patrick’s Day series, was designed by Dublin born illustrator, Dermot Flynn. Flynn’s illustrated label features the world-renowned Dublin pub, The Stag’s Head; historical figures such as W.B Yeats; and a selection of ‘local Dublin’ phrases to bring the city to life. Flynn’s design features across the Jameson Limited Edition bottle, St.Patrick’s.Day promotional materials, HelloDublin! website, festival promotional video and the ‘Win A Trip To Dublin!’ social media campaign.


Light Farms Identity

The folks at Tractorbeam have done it again.  This is an amazing example of an identity that stands out in every way. The client, Light Farms, is an 806 acre master planned community that’s being developed as the ‘gateway’ to Celina, TX. Tractorbeam created a “modern yet endearing identity inspired by the farm that gave name to the development. Cohesive brand collateral, website and community signage work together balancing tradition with a vision for the future.” We agree.
LightFarms_Portfolio_1_768From a paper perspective, we love the use of coated and uncoated finishes throughout, it gives the system a great tactile sense. We dare a perspective buyer not to pick up this collateral.
LightFarms_Portfolio_9_768For us the star of system is the accordian fold brochure. this can be tricky, with such heavy ink coverage if you go too heavy on the basis weight you risk cracking on the fold – this is where mock ups are essential during the print production phase.
LightFarms_Portfolio_5_768They chose a clean, muted neutral for the letterhead, business cards and envelopes (check out Classic Crest for a huge range of colors and weights). The square flap on the #10 envelope is a perfect place to showcase the logo. Since most identity systems these days are small in quantity, start with then end in mind. That’s the envelope – find one that the client can easily re-order. Most envelopes are packed in quantities of 2500 per carton. The paper companies are getting smarter about this by converting the envelopes themselves and selling them in smaller quantities on their websites.
LightFarms_Portfolio_2_768Another smart selection was the combination of a text and cover paper on the cover and inserts of the brochure paired with a beautifully sleek coated paper – perfect for making those illustrations pop. To learn more about paper combinations like this, join Parse & Parcel.
LightFarms_Portfolio_11_768 TB_folder

Do Not Open

It’s no secrect, we love mail. And we can’t think of a better way to start the week than by receiving a beautiful hand-lettered envelope designed just for you. If you agree, then you will LOVE the new project from the talented letterer and designer, Erik Marinovich. Inspired by gifts he’s received from colleagues, Marinovich would send out oversized hand addressed envelopes that included a thank you note and tote. After seeing his intended recipients were pinning the envelopes up on their walls, he decided to launch Do Not Open – a personal project.

DNO4All that’s required is a submission of an address and (for a fee) you’ll receive a beautiful and unique hand-lettered envelope. No two addresses will look the same and the envelopes are standard issue #7 kraft bubble mailers sized 14 1/4″ x 19. Don’t hem and haw on this one, the project is limited to 250 envelopes.

While we love the simplicity of the kraft mailer, being paperphiles we can’t help but wonder how incredible these works would be designed on oversized envelopes constructed of cover weight paper – equally durable yet less bulky, lending themselves well for framing such original works of art. To learn more about envelope options and resources available to graphic designers, join Parse & Parcel.


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