Interactive Print

Ed15_promoPaper has been around forever, it’s the original communicator. Ed 15 – Interactive Print from NewPage shows how paper + print just keep getting better. Finding new ways to connect to the audience as well as with other media, proving collaboration trumps competition anytime.

To have that kind of staying power, print has been re-imagining itself since Gutenberg invented the printing press. Just look at the current ways it’s engaging with other media to convert readers via augmented reality, QR codes, or SMS technology. If that wasn’t enough proof, the piece showcases a variety of print techniques from using thermochromatic inks that reveal themselves with sunlight, heat, touch, UV, even water. Want to see it for yourself? Join us to receive an invitation to Parse & Parcel.


Animated Typography – from Paper to Screen

As his Graduation Project, graphic designer Thibault de Fournas created this fun animated short showing the evolution of typography. The short is divided in two parts, the basic rules of typesetting and the evolution of typography in cinema used mainly for opening and closing titles. Enjoy!

Old School Meets New School


Graphic designer, Cristina Vanko, inspired by finding her father’s calligraphy pen, experimented with sending hand written notes to people for one week – the results are stunning. As one lucky contact put it “old school + new school. It’s like you’re texting but you’re not.” We love this. Read about Cristina’s week long project and view her work here. And we agree, having a pen and paper handy at all times is always a good idea.