A Sucker for Great Packaging

bing-bang-parse-parcelIt’s no secret I’m a sucker for great packaging. If you follow Parse & Parcel on social media at all, you know how deep my affection for well crafted packaging design runs. While this obsession might seem natural for those who live and breathe design all day, there’s actually some science behind it. Numerous studies on haptic design (see no. 4) show that simply touching an object increases our perception of ownership over that object. That explains my collection of luxury packaging boxes. After seeing the recent rebranding project for Bing Bang NYC Jewelry, I see my box collection growing.

bing-bang-parse-parcelTaking into account the Bing Bang brand is targeting a younger audience, designer Verena Michelitsch created a clean and sophisticated logo that lends itself beautifully to luxe packaging applications. The thin lines work perfectly for print processes like embossing, engraving and foil stamping. The illustrations and use of geometric shapes allow for some playfulness while keeping the look of the brand luxe and youthful. An important quality since BB is collaborating with brands like Urban Outfitters, Paperchase Press and Club Monaco.


While I have no need for the cigarette case, it is stunning. I do however have my eyes on those notebooks. Featuring delicate gold & rose gold foil – marble, pink, mint and ombre covers with heavy weight text paper for sketching. You’ll have to pry that ombre notebook out of my hands. Perceived ownership? Um, yeah.






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