Spec Rep Secrets – Earth Day Edition


In 1970 a movement began that gave a voice to an emerging consciousness focusing humanity towards environmental issues. Forty-six years later, Earth Day represents the one day each of us can take actionable steps to preserving our planet. Today Parse & Parcel shares our top tips for creatives everywhere – to help them foster better sustainability practices when it comes to finding the right paper with respect to the integrity of the project and our planet.  

Top Tips for Environmentally Friendly Paper Specification

  1. Choose post-consumer waste paper with the recycled content amount appropriate for the project.
  2. Look for papers containing third-party chain of custody certifications (FSC, SFI).
  3. Select papers made with renewable energy sources (look for the Green-e logo).
  4. Look for either Process Chlorine Free (PCF content papers) or Totally Chlorine Free (virgin fiber papers).
  5. Reduce greenhouse gas emission – source papers made from domestic paper manufacturers.

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