Shutterstock’s 2014 Color trends

Shutterstock-Color-TrendsSo it would stand to reason that a company with a collection of 40 million images and over 400 million downloads might have some insight into color and design. Earlier this year, Shutterstock came out with their Design Trends infographic and now they’re following it up with some facts and figures that are all about color.

Color has a huge impact on design and some of the trends that emerged this year reflect this impact: A shift to gray tones was reflected on the runways during Fashion Week, Greens were in high demand as seen throughout coverage of the World Cup, and Pantone’s Randiant Orchid saw shades of purple spike 20%. North America saw a rise in green and blue hues, reflecting the growth in the business and tech sectors of the economy; while pinks stood out in countries like Russia, China and Argentina. This infographic shows colors impact around the globe.

Infographic: Shutterstock’s 2014 Color Trends

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