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I have a thing for little blue boxes.

Of course, the ubiquitous blue box of Tiffany & Co. makes me swoon. I’ve saved every one I’ve ever gotten. Every. Single. One. (Which is currently four, btw).

Every once in a while I’ll peek inside the drawer I stash them in for safe keeping. Just looking at them makes me feel all fuzzy inside.

But this isn’t anything unusual.

As a kid, it was always the fancy blue box at Fanny Farmer that caught my eye. My mom knew if I picked up that box, there was no way she going to get me to put it down.

It wasn’t as if I cared all that much about the chocolate cigarettes inside, it was the case that I wanted. Positioned right by the cash register, that flashy royal blue packaging with gold lettering beckoned me to touch it.

And that’s exactly the intent.

You wouldn’t think Tiffany & Co. and Fanny Farmer would have much in common – but they do.

It’s all based on science.

Turns out we’re hooked the moment we pick up the box. It’s a thing, and it’s called embodied cognition. Apparently, even at five years old, my brain processed the sensation of touching the fancy blue box into an actual feeling.

10x that and you understand my need to hoard Tiffany boxes.

So when it comes to packaging design, grabbing the attention of consumers is HUGE.  Successful packaging is all about the user experience, but designing for it can be tricky.

The secret to success lies in the tiniest details.

Not only does the packaging have to look good, but it needs to appeal to almost all the senses. Touch, sight, sound and even smell play an important role in packaging design.

When used correctly, these cues can be incredibly powerful for drawing the consumer in, but if executed poorly they can be equally repulsive. And that’s only amplified when we’re talking about luxury packaging design.

The struggle is real.

But that doesn’t mean it has to be trial by fire when it comes to packaging design. I’ve put together a free guide filled with our top 10 tips for designing memorable packaging– click here to get yours.



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