ROI You Can See and Feel

ROI-you-can-see-feel-parse-parcelOne of the things I love about paper is its ability to connect with people. Growing up I had a pen pal from Manchester, England and one of the things I loved most about getting letters from him was the special airmail paper they were written on. When my penpal and I began correspondence, the U.S. had longed stopped traditional airmail, but not the U.K. So when I saw that red and blue bordered envelope I couldn’t help but get excited.  After all, something special was waiting inside just for me. I know I’m not alone in my love of the traditional airmail design, but there’s a reason for its popularity – we connect with it.  The same can be said for well designed print campaigns, the tough part is the design. However there are two components creatives can count on – color and haptics. This combo is one-two punch delivering ROI you can see and feel.

I’ve written about haptics (the science of touch) before and there’s some great pieces by our mill friends that provide a ton of amazing resources on topic, here’s a couple good ones to check out: Maker Quarterly Issue No. 5, Feel-Think-Do, Haptic Brain, Haptic Brand to name a few. We thought it would be helpful to share some of these highlights, so we created this infographic to help show that color and haptics provide ROI you can see and feel.

ROI-YOU-CAN-SEE-FEEL-PARSE-PARCELDownload the pdf here – ROI-you-can-see-feel-parse-parcel

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