Print Promo: LIVE on Cougar

domtar-cougar-liveboldly-1I love summer. Maybe it’s because it reminds me of being a kid, the days were long and filled with possibilities.  By 8:00 am my sister and I were up and headed out the door, we’d round up our friends and off we’d go to explore, play, create  –  live .  We didn’t worry about what to wear or if we’d look like dorks doing something, we just had fun. As adults we sometimes forget what it’s like to live each day with this sense of curiosity and adventure. The new print promotion by Domtar, LIVE on Cougar, reminds us to do just that – LIVE.

Combining words of wisdom from the world’s most inspiring people and pairing them with spectacular printing, Domtar has created a must have print promotion for creatives. Designed by Dallas agency Squires & Company, this piece is not just a showcase of ink on paper, but rather a great example of how design, copy and thoughtful print techniques work in unison to complete the concept of the piece. The theme, live for the moment – live brightly, is reinforced with the use of fluorescent inks throughout the promotion.

LIVE on Cougar
Before opening the piece the reader gets a sense something big is inside – the catalog envelope features fluorescent spot inks on the copy, flap and seams, with a magenta holographic foil on the front. An inspirational quote from Buddha is featured in knockout type on the flap encouraging it to be opened to see more.

The front cover features a double hit of fluorescent spot ink, dot for dot varnish and magenta holographic foil, highlighting the title of the piece, while the supporting copy features “pillars of light” clear foil, and is stunning. When you open up the cover, you see another quote in magenta foil on the inside gate-fold, which opens to another vivid image using four color process with a double-hit of fluorescent spots – all on Cougar 100# Cover Smooth.

LIVE on Cougar
The interior text pages are printed on Cougar 80# Text Smooth, and offer more inspiration both in the copy and design. Featuring quotes from Maya Angelou, Albert Einstein, and Anne Frank to name a few, each page includes detailed production notes in the valley fold on the edge of the pages, and perfect bound in a french fold – we love that. With just the right mix of four color images, white space, copy and fluorescent inks for added emphasis, and couple interesting textural coatings (raised UV and spot silkscreen UV) this piece is full of great design inspiration. For example, the use of fluorescent inks shows how the ink not only intensifies the type, but also the color within the image – think about this if you’re looking to amplify the colors in the photography your using. For more inspiring print design, sign up for our newsletter and get all the latest scoop on paper, print and design.


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