Paper Inspiration: Samples Delivered to Your Doorstep


Is it any wonder creatives are frustrated when it comes to print? Designers love print, yet convincing clients to invest in it can be difficult – especially when budgets are tight. Samples are a great way to show clients how print creates brand value, but accessing them is another story. Relying on sales reps only gives you a small idea of what’s available and limits you to one company’s capabilities. We know what it’s like to see all these incredible print projects being produced but have no idea how to find the resources to produce work featured in your favorite industry magazine and online publications.  Paper inspiration starts with access – how can you spec it if you don’t know it exists?


Each month subscribers of The Parcel receive a curated box of luxe paper, print and design samples. Meant to help educate and inspire, The Parcel showcases samples from your favorite paper mills like Neenah, French, Mohawk, Sappi and more.

Here’s how it works:

  • Choose from our monthly our yearly subscription packages
  • Each shipment includes 5 – 7 premium print + graphic design samples
  • Showcasing premium suppliers and paper options
  • 1-2 personalized samples for your design preferences (ex. Letterpress printing, identity, illustration, etc.)
  • Tutorials showing you print techniques, trends + tips from industry experts

Our experts personally curate the samples each month and include highlights on each piece we think are unique and interesting. Included in each shipment is an interactive tutorial – learn about the latest design trends and print techniques from your phone or tablet. In addition, each shipment of The Parcel includes detailed production notes, you’ll know exactly how something was produced so you can show your client (or printer) what to expect when using those techniques in your own design.

Who it can help:

  • Freelancers who don’t have anyone calling on them and don’t know where to turn for help
  • Junior designers and students looking to build a stellar library of samples that can assist them throughout their career
  • Creatives who feel their options are limited due to in-house print shop requirements – the proof is in the paper samples
  • Print sales reps looking to expand their customer base through great paper and print samples
  • Paper merchants who don’t have a dedicated specification sales force but still want to educate their market
  • Creatives looking to learn about the latest design trends and print techniques

THE PARCEL helps during the creative process by showing exactly how a project was produced, which also helps keep production costs in check – not to mention avoids disappointing clients later on.  Think of it as your own personal paper rep.



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