Paper Parse – Eames by Neenah

Parse – \ˈpärs\ to examine in a minute way : analyze critically

Paper Parse is a new series where we take a deeper look at a specific paper, it’s product considerations, specs and applicable uses. The first grade we’ll profile has ties to design legends Ray and Charles Eames.

Launched in 2005, the Eames Paper line has been revamped and is part of the brands comprising The Design Collection from Neenah Paper. So if you still have the old swatchbook, time to upgrade. Inspired by the work and philosophy of Ray and Charles Eames, in our opinion this grade is all about the finish.

The first thing we notice about this grade is the tactile feel of the papers. The patterns and textures of these papers naturally lend themselves to haptic design. Designers can choose from Vellum, Diffused and Canvas finishes – all of which beg to be touched.

The vellum finish provides just enough toothiness, lending a nice hand to the sheet. It’s a great alternative to the multitude of smooth options available in the market. With a range of basis weight from 24# Writing, 80 – 100# text and 80, 100, 120# cover, it’s perfectly suited for identity systems. The writing weight is also guaranteed for laser and ink jet printing, which is good to know as the last thing you want is to spec paper for a system and NOT have it work in the client’s printer, but that’s what samples are for. Did we mention the vellum finish also comes in a digital?

Eames Vellum in Solar White – Image via Under Consideration

The diffused finish has a rippled, crepe like texture inspired by the movable panels in the Eames’ home. If you have the swatchbook, flip open the waterfall and pick up the sheet – it feels unlike any other paper on the market. The heft of the sheet is just different. While this sheet is simple in terms of specs: one basis weight – 50# text, and one color – Eames White; its texture offers depth. I love this sheet as an alternative to a typical fly sheet. It’s light weight and has a translucent quality to it yet still provides opacity – and looks crazy good when printed, especially with metallic inks. A couple things to note, it is not recommended for aqueous coating, thermography or engraving, but none of that would stop us from using this. We should mention it handles scoring and folding exceptionally well.

Eames Architecture Diffused – Image via Neenah Paper

With the broadest offering of color in the line, the canvas finish imparts an amazing pattern to the sheet and feels like a painter’s gessoed canvas. The palette was based on the colors used in the Eames’ artwork. Available in Eames Solar White, Eames White, Eames Natural White, Brown Umber and Graphite (our favorite) it comes in 80# text and 80 – 100# cover and features a rich emboss canvas, creating a dense surface offering exceptional ink holdout. This sheet really offers some bang for the buck. If you think about it, with this sheet you get paper and an emboss pattern all for the price of the paper. This sheet is ideal for packaging applications – take a look at how well the Design Collection swatchbook folds, scores and embosses (even with a silver foil on the spine).

Eames Canvas in Brown Umber -Image via Under Consideration

With its universal color palette, and complimentary finishes, this grade easily lends itself to mixing and matching. Oh and they offer a wide range on envelope options on their website in both the canvas and vellum finish.

We could envision a product catalog using Eames Canvas on the cover with heavy ink coverage, opening to a fly sheet featuring type in gold metallic ink on Eames Diffused and then beautifully showcasing lifestyle images on the Eames Vellum text.  Check out how House Industries used it for their catalog. If you’ve used Eames Papers on a project, we’d love to see it – drop us a note or share using #parseandparcel. In the meantime, join our mailing list and get paper inspiration like Eames Papers delivered to your inbox.

*Note – some of you familiar with the line prior to its inclusion in The Design Collection may be asking where is the furniture finish. Sorry to break the news, but it has been discontinued. However, if you are searching for that weave texture the furniture finish offered, look no further than the next selection in The Design Collection swatchbook – Esse, but we’ll save that exploration for another post.


Above Images Via House Industries

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