Olympic Logo Retrospective

While the 2014 Winter Olympic games get underway in Sochi, we can’t help but notice the logo everywhere. Created by a team of Swiss designers at Interbrand Agency, the logo was described by the selection committee as “the first digital brand in the history of the Olympic movement.”
As the New Yorker pointed out the current logo veers far from the original concepts which had a more refined feel to them featuring floral illustrations inspired by Russian art and natural elements. The official logo features no drawings (a rarity among Olympic logos) as well as all lowercase lettering, the five rings and a web address. Using a typeface similar to the Revue font, the Sochi logo has taken a beating for being too simplistic and difficult to read.

Not sure about that, but it’s clearly a departure from the original concepts as well as past Olympic logos.  Check out our pinterest board for a retrospective of Olympic logos past, in the meantime here’s a glimpse.







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