Paper Resource: Neenah Cabinet Update

neenah-cabinet-parse-parcelYou know we love anything that makes accessing paper, and paper info easy. So we were thrilled to see our friends at Neenah just released a new version of their online paper resource tool – CabinetTM. Now you can gain access to all of Neenah’s swatchbooks online, so when you need to reference a sheets size, basis weight or color availability you’re not SOL if you don’t have the swatchbook handy.

Just want to peek? No problem. Users can browse, search, view and compare paper for print projects whenever or wherever they work — on their Desktop, iPad, iPhone or Android device. The desktop app is super fast to load, plus it updates automatically so no more issues with specing a color or size that’s discontinued – you’ll always see the current offering with Cabinet.

According to Tom Wright, director of advertising and design at Neenah, “The new Neenah Cabinet OSX has evolved beautifully, now for all of the ways designers work, whether it’s at their Desktop, on an iPad or on a smart phone. This is the Desktop evolved.”

First-time users get instant access to thousands of Neenah’s papers and envelopes. Current users will appreciate the more intuitive entry points into Neenah products and services. A new search feature to enhance productivity enables users to filter or search by product. New action buttons and contextual drop downs make for a simpler, cleaner, more intuitive user experience. We like that.


Finally a tool that works how creatives think – by paper grade (ex. Classic Crest), texture (ex. smooth), color (ex. gray), weight (ex. cover) – you don’t need to know a paper translator to use the tool, it’s so simple. Plus users can test ideas and concepts using Neenah’s Personal Proof® tool – see your design on the paper of your choice. Ok that’s a really nice touch and one that Neenah’s had available for a few years but many designers haven’t known about it. Want to stay up to date about the latest in paper and print design? Sign up to get all the industry scoop.


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