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moo-letterpress-business-cards-parse-parcelLast month I was having a discussion in my LinkedIn group regarding business card trends prompted by my previous blog post, Edge Painting is the New Black. A fellow member commented that 99% of his clients are looking to produce business cards in an efficient and inexpensive way, and most who do request a specialty print technique back off due to sticker shock. While I respect his expertise, I disagree that price alone is the reason for it. I noted that just a few years ago, the same could have been said for heavyweight, duplex business cards on premium papers. Then along came – somehow they figured out a way to offer a well-produced, quadplex business card on a premium text and cover paper that was not only affordable but easily accessible to anyone. My hope was the same thing would happen with specialty print techniques. At the time I posted that comment, little did I know MOO was days away from launching a new product answering my request – MOO Letterpress, the feel of letterpress business cards made accessible and affordable.

moo-letterpress-business-cards-parse-parcelThe fact that MOO is doing this proves that there is a demand for affordable, specialty print techniques. All it took was a smart company to come along and shake things up. In true MOO fashion, they took what others said was cost prohibitive and made it accessible by combining luxury and efficiency – in this case it’s the luxury feel of letterpress with the efficiency of digital printing.

According to their press release, MOO Lettepress “has the vintage look and feel of a traditional letterpress printer, but employs high-tech digital printing techniques to make Letterpress widely available to businesses and consumers. MOO Letterpress brings back the classic aesthetic of traditional letterpresses like those of Chandler & Price, combining the speed and ease of modern digital printing with the style and craftsmanship that letterpress printing offers. While standard MOO cards are digitally printed only, MOO Letterpress digitally prints first, then adds letterpress debossing for added sophistication and texture. To complement this printing process, MOO now offers a unique range of designs that cater specially to the enhanced debossed surface.”

moo-letterpress-business-cards-parse-parcelEarlier this week I received a set of MOO Letterpress cards. You know how excited I get about paper samples, let me just say these look and feel pretty awesome. Printed on Mohawk Superfine in 32 PT., these cards feel substantial and definitely pass the corner flick test. MOO currently offers twelve different designs to choose from in a range of styles and patterns. While I’m sure some will be quick to point out that what MOO is doing is not technically letterpress (there’s no actual moving type), I think MOO’s Director of Product Design Paul Thorogood sums it up best, “In an era when the world has become used to mass produced products where speed and cost is a focus, there is an inherent beauty and individuality of old hand-crafted products like letterpress that can help people be unique and stand out from the crowd. By combining the rich aesthetics of an old process with digital printing, our new Letterpress product will help the traditional forms of print be relevant and take on a new life.”

I know this may not be for everyone but I for one am a fan. MOO could have gone the route of some other internet printers – cheap and good ’nuff, but they didn’t. Instead they chose to embrace the craft of letterpress and figured out a way to make it accessible and affordable for anyone – which I believe is good for the industry overall. As part of the MOO Letterpress launch we’re excited to offer a box of cards to one of our readers, sign up here for chance to win.

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