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Just when I didn’t think they could get any better, Issue No. 7 of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly – Character, comes along. Putting out quality editorial and design content is tough, but to do so on a consistent, quarterly basis is pretty impressive. In fact, I’d say it speaks to the character of a company – and Mohawk has always been one paper maker who walks the talk. So it’s not lost on me that the paper selected for its production, Mohawk Loop, reinforces the theme of this issue. From the companies and artisans profiled in it, to the paper it’s printed on – when it comes to character this issue of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly has it in spades.


The first thing I noticed was the colorful illustration on the cover by Marimekko designer Maija Louekari ?Then I held the piece in my hands and noticed the paper had an awesome, tactile quality to it. Being the paper nerd I am I started to run my fingertips along the outside cover and guess at its finish. Felt? Of course I can’t wait, I flip it over to check and see that it’s printed on Mohawk Loop Feltmark in Pumice. That one took me by surprise; I’m not one for the fibered sheets (I admit I had pre-conceived notions going back to my spec rep days), but there’s something about the subtlety of the fiber paired with the texture of the felt finish that won me over. I am smitten.

As I flip through the piece, I realize this issue is printed on EIGHT different papers. I’m not sure how, but the team at Hybrid who’s responsible for the design and curation, manages to not only showcase stellar content but also demonstrate how to enhance it through the print techniques and papers used. Talk about character! Our friend, and Mohawk’s VP of Business Development and Creative Director, Chris Harrold tells us “This issue is carefully constructed and impeccably printed incorporating a subtle, beautiful use of paper texture, color and weight. The Character issue is a powerful example of paper being used as a deliberate design element which supports the narrative.” I’ll say.


From the opening feature on Warby Parker, the thoughtfulness given to design and production is evident. The article pairs Citrus Green Loop Smooth with a fluorescent orange and aqua illustration of oversized glasses, emphasizing not only the design but character of the brand. The next feature showcasing the bold photography of Acielle for her Style du Monde blog, uses one of my favorite paper/ink combos ever – Mohawk Loop Urban Gray Antique Vellum with white opaque ink.  This was printed with 4 hits of UV opaque white inks – stop, I know what you’re thinking.  And yes, achieving this effect is affordable, I had a customer use this exact paper with white opaque ink printed on an Indigo – and it looks awesome! The combo is repeated again later on in the By Hand section showcasing work by rock-star stationery company, Rifle Paper, ceramics of Mt. Washington Pottery, the tiny house movement shared by Shelter Publications and the exquisite craft of fine custom publisher and stationer Thornwillow Press.

Mohawk-Maker-Quarterly_Character_Parse_Parcel_03 copy

Given the nature of Mohawk Loop, it only makes sense to see an article about sustainability featuring some true characters who define its essence: Dan Barber, the model of sustainability and the farm-to-table movement; Juniper Ridge, who draws inspiration and ingredients from every part of fallen, dead trees only; and Mohawk whose Mohawk Loop grade proves how far sustainable forestry and paper making have come.


Since this is a piece dedicated to the maker movement, The Hard Way, features four distinctly different makers sharing why craftsmanship is the lifeblood of their business: Tartine Barkey, Philly Bike Coalition, Tad Carpenter Creative and Butcher and Larder – the fact that it features a fun icon illustration on Mohawk Loop Birch only adds to its appeal. Readers will also get a peek into the process behind Minted, explore the architecture of a modern day treehouse as interpreted by Tham & Videgård Arkitekter, along with the works and process of the talented artisans featured in Champions of Craft.


Oh and did I mention the fab, full-size poster pull out designed by Tad Carpenter Creative? Well, there you go. Love seeing great paper, print and design inspiration? Join our mailing list. What are you waiting for? It’s free!


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