La Bottega – Cucina Italiana, An Identity True to Form


Growing up in an Italian family, it’s no shocker that I can cook. While I enjoy it, I wish I had more time to do it properly (btw, so does my husband). Cooking doesn’t have to be complicated or require mad culinary skills but it does require thoughtfulness. Watch any decent cooking show and you’ll find the chefs all say the same thing – in order to make a truly fabulous dish you need to start with the best ingredients possible.  When it comes to great print design the same holds true. The brand identity for La Bottega – Cucina Italiana is a perfect example of how using the best resources available produces stellar results.


The team at Florentine based kidstudio took the passion chefs Paulo Airaudo and Francesco Gasbarro had for true Italian cuisine, and translated it into a high-quality restaurant with the informal feeling of the ancient Trattoria. True to Italian form, the brand’s identity was crafted using the best materials.  The paper stock selected was from premier Italian paper maker Fedrigoni, in limestone and terra rossa from the Materica grade.


“A rough hand, replicated in the essential interior of the restaurant in Geneve and in the many hand-drawn illustrations used in the project.”


Through the use of a formal Bodonian custom typeface, the brand’s logo imbues Italian craftsmanship as is equally evidenced in the insignia created by an artisan blacksmith. Ok, so maybe I have a bit of a bias, but there’s no denying that from menu design to business cards, this brand identity is spot on.



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    • Couldn’t agree more Sarah, I especially love working on the paper specs for menus. Check back soon for a post on another fab restaurant identity I got to work on with a designer – amazing stuff!


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