Klauss Boehler Branding

Taking inspiration from the Brits, the branding for Klauss Boehler by LG2 Boutique exudes refinement. Securing itself in the market of high-end mens shirts,  the mandate was “to seduce the target clientele, the savvy aristocrat, using a brand platform that highlighted the confidence and intelligence of this aristocrat.” Well, judging by the elements shown, I say they’ve succeded.

LG2_Klauss8The color palette, while subdued, works beautifully with the pops of copper metallic on the brochure cover. And those business card sleeves – not a drop of ink on them, but the richness of the paper coupled with the emboss is stunning.
By keeping the paper elements softer, the messaging of the brand really sings. Note the use of an uncoated sheet throughout the collateral – an excellent choice. If they opted for a coated sheet, the ink gloss would overwhelm the pieces. LG2’s paper selection allows the print to shine – but know that you cannot pull off this kind of detail on just any uncoated sheet.  Look at the detail in the weave of the fabric, for this kind of print results on uncoated paper your best bet is to go with premium text and cover sheet. It’s about the fiber formation and surface uniformity with a premium text and cover paper, you won’t get that from a printer’s house sheet of offset stock.

weave_detailWhen using heavy ink coverage, look for an uncoated paper with a harder surface.  A smooth or super smooth finish will still give you that luxurious hand, yet allow for nice ink uniformity. The place to add texture and dimension is on the cover. That copper metallic on the cover is gorgeous as is the emboss on the business card sleeve.

LG2_Klauss2Did I mention the button and string closure on the cover of the brochure? Talk about bindery techniques – I can’t think of a more fitting detail for such a piece. Make sure to sign up to see the best in paper, print and design because who doesn’t love experiencing gorgeous print samples?
LG2_Klauss6Images Via LG2 Boutique

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