No Joke – New Wallpapers Are Here

April-wallpapers-parse-parcelTo me there’s nothing better than a blank page.  I love the idea of fresh starts, and while that may be a bit difficult to achieve with carry over of daily business happenings, I get great satisfaction in starting a new month on the calendar. I think of all the possibilities, look back at the previous month’s accomplishments and bring over good items that I didn’t get to tackle.  Before I know it a new plan takes shape and then its all about execution. While it’s easy to get caught up in the to-do list, I find that planning little moments of surprise into my day helps me hold on to that feeling of possibility.  One of those unexpected moments happens every time I logon and see the month’s wallpaper greet me, it’s a happy little surprise every time.  It’s April 1st and that means new wallpapers are here.

Downloads for desktop: gold on brown, teal on black, black on teal

Downloads for mobile: gold on brown, teal on black, black on teal

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