Introducing Parse & Parcel

I noticed the trend a few years ago, shortly after I transitioned from paper rep to eBusiness Manager at my former company, Millcraft. As I blogged about paper samples and mill promotions, designers started commenting about how they loved these new products. The more I wrote, the more requests I got asking how they could find these promotions. The thing was many of these samples weren’t necessarily new, in fact most had been out in the market for some time. As my conversations continued, I realized it’s not just paper promotions many designers were unfamiliar with, it was accessing the resources to help make the process easier. That’s when the switch flipped.

As a paper rep, my job was to help designers find solutions. On any given day, I’d meet with 4-5 different studios. Getting an appointment was never an issue, even at the busiest agencies – everyone made time to see the paper promotions. I’d bring them samples from their favorite paper mills, real jobs printed on papers designers loved. Some samples were over the top crazy, combining three or four different paper stocks with just as many techniques. They were always fun to share, you could see the wheels of creativity turn as designers ran their fingers over the pages, studying the various print techniques used. Other times, they’d ask for comps for project they were working on. I’d have our sample studio mock up dummies based on the specs they provided – even providing perfect binding if needed. I’d usually have these shipped out, sometimes I’d drop them off it was a really urgent request.

The problem is not every designer is able to get that kind of service. The perception is you need connections to score these kind of promotions, but here’s the truth – the services exist but local paper companies are selective about who they offer these types of services to. Paper companies tend to focus on businesses that print in large quantities because that’s where they make the most money. Jobs created by most design studios, freelancers and students don’t offer enough ROI to support servicing them. How do I know? Because I saw it happen first hand with my company, our competitors and our suppliers.

This is where Parse & Parcel comes in. From sourcing local product availability to comparing colors and textures to ordering swatch books and purchasing paper samples – I believe information and resources should be accessible to all designers regardless of size, quantity, location or client roster.

Throughout the site you’ll find valuable resources to help streamline the print process and assist with every phase of design – monthly curated collections of professionally designed print samples, a complete offering of swatchbooks neatly organized and beautifully packaged and a full service sample studio from which to choose paper and envelope samples or mock-ups. And you’ll want to join our mailing list so you never miss a thing and get the inside scoop on giveaways and promotions we’re offering.

Think of us as your own personal paper consultant. Because providing access to inspiration is just part and parcel for those who love working with the design community.

Welcome to Parse & Parcel, we’re so happy to have you here.



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