Hoefler & Co. Launch Discover Typography Site

Talk about discovery retail as a platform, Hoefler & Co. created an interesting way to discover typography through understanding and experiencing different typefaces.

The site consists of three different categories in ‘zoomable’ landscapes. Suggested typefaces that reflect each category’s subject, Wanderlust, Redline, and Barrel Proof, are grouped together. A pop-up window appears when users click on a category, enabling them to learn about the typefaces it houses.

We checked out two of our favorites, Gotham and Archer. Gotham, is described as “No nonsense letters of the urban environment. From these humble beginnings comes Gotham, a hard-working typeface for the ages.” Archer is touted as being “friendlier than the average slab serif…forthright, colorful, credible and charming.” We think so too.

This is a fun site for novices, designers and typography enthusiasts alike. Of course, all the fonts can then be purchased on the Hoefler & Co. website.

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