Harness Cycle Rebrand

harness-cycle-rebrand-parse-parcel-02The fun thing about what we do at Parse & Parcel, is getting to see glimpses of projects as we consult on paper and production. And rebranding projects are some of our favorites – especially those that take special consideration of the details. Our friends at the Studio of Christine Wisnieski share some insights into their process, and beautiful details, for the Harness Cycle rebrand.

A three year old cycle studio adds a second location and a fresh new look. Anne Hartnett, local entrepreneur and creator of Harness Cycle believes in building community through movement. The Studio of Christine Wisnieski worked with her growing studio to distill their brand character and visual aesthetic.

Following three years of organic growth for Harness, Wisnieski and her team are working with the cycling studio to hone in on their core brand character and evolve their visual aesthetic to match its evolved mission—shape our minds. grow our hearts. unite our passions. move forward. ride together. harness cycle.


“Beginning with logo, we edited the icon to be as simple and empowering as its mission and paired it with a new bold logotype. We added a vibrant color palette and studio mantra to inspire their tribe— ‘shape our minds. grow our hearts. unite our passions. move forward. ride together.’

We built a thoughtful collateral system to include embossed business cards, tone-on-tone foil stamped retail hang tags, a family of paper merchandise bags, various water bottles and a suite of athletic wear to be sold in their shop. The materials are upbeat, work hard and never fussy. 

In addition to rebranding, we worked to personalize their new downtown location in the Historic Garfield Building with placemaking and we consulted on their interior details with Deboe Studio Interiors. We designed bikes, retail fixtures, cash wrap and interior signage included an iconic neon sign. The next phase of the project includes further interior buildout along with exterior signage.” 

While we haven’t had a chance to personally check out the new space, Christine kindly shared some images with us along with print samples of the identity and collateral for Harness Cycle. And we’re thrilled to share them with subscribers in the current issue of The Parcel!

In keeping with the aesthetic of the brand and its mission, Christine and her team selected papers from Neenah’s Environment line for the identity. Samples from the project include business cards, promotional cards and hangtags paired with the natural feel of the Environment papers, utilizing tactile, pressure based print techniques like letterpress, foil stamping and embossing.

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