Google Canada Wins in Print

If you’re an online company targeting media buyers and creative directors, what’s the best way to highlight the advantages of advertising on your channel over more traditional mediums like television? Um, print. Yes, that’s correct, print. Google Canada hosted an event called YouTube Pulse and created materials dubbed the New Prime Time meant to communicate the premium quality of their medium to a highly visual and literate audience. Apparently we’re not the only ones impressed by this as the serieswas awarded gold in the Graphis Design Annual 2016.


So why would an online giant like Google Canada turn to print to differentiate their message? It’s simple – print connects with an audience like no other. It allows a brand to tell its story the way they would like the user to experience it, guiding them through a multi-sensory process in a way that touches the user unlike any other medium.


Underline Studio, in collaboration with Google Canada’s Marketing Team, came up with a visual approach that portrays the personality behind the personas of some of YouTube’s top creators. Working with photographer Michael Graydon and stylist Nikole Herriott, and developing a custom typeface for the event materials they created an entire visual language that challenges the conventional notions of YouTube programming and content.


The result? The event was a complete success, with media buyers and creative directors in Toronto and other cities requesting copies of the look books. We can attest to that, thanks to our friends at Mohawk we were lucky enough to get our hands on the lookbook for a project we’re working on, and it is a stunner.  The book is printed on Mohawk Superfine and features some heavy duty ink coverage.  The selection of a premium text & cover paper may be viewed by some as unexpected, but we think it’s the perfect foil to the gorgeous photography and type featured throughout the piece. Bravo, our only regret is that we don’t have another for our keeper file of paper samples.

Images via Underline Studio

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