Fazer Cafe Branding

fazer-cafe-branding-parse-and-parcelIf  I had to chose only one food to eat the rest of my life it would be bread – hands down.  Give me a slice of a nice rustic peasant bread or a rich, flaky croissant and I am in heaven.  The only thing that could make the experience better is its presentation.  Well the team at Kokoro & Moi took care of that when they did the branding for Fazer Cafe in Helsinki.

Fazer Café combines the prestigious heritage of Fazer with contemporary cafe experience. The cornerstones of the visual identity are the bespoke typefaces Fazer Grotesk and Fazer Chisel. According to their site, the visual identity is built on “the custom-made typefaces, Fazer Grotesk and Fazer Chisel, which have taken their forms from the classic ‘FAZER’ sign at the renowned Kluuvikatu location. The typefaces are used comprehensively for all the visual communication and marketing materials.” The typefaces are seen everywhere from the logo to the menu boards and price tags and with single characters that take over the packaging materials, clothing and the decor of the walls. And I have to say, I love every bite of it.


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