Essential Tool Kit for Creatives

toolkit9Classic Paper tool Kit – an inspirational go-to guide for the CLASSIC Papers brands. Born out of the need by creatives to touch and feel the papers they’re working with, The Tool Kit showcases the variety of design alternatives and combinations available with the CLASSIC brands in one easy-to-use resource.

Combine the colors, weights and textures of beautiful papers with ease in using this promotion. Scaled to fit next to the CLASSIC Paper swatchbooks, the 6 x 9 Tool was created to provide inspiration for every step in the selection process, and includes the following features:
• Large clean paper swatches of each of the Perfect 10 common colors across all six finishes (60 samples in all)
• Creatively blended paper color palettes, like a mood board for quick color and texture ideas
• A sheet cut calculator to help designers and printers figure out how they can optimize the number of finished pieces they will get out of a sheet of paper, minimizing cost and waste
• An envelope guide to help with the envelope selection process
• True-to-life design project examples that feature combinations of the CLASSIC Papers colors and brands derived from the mood boards/color palettes

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