Design Resource: Essential Social Media Design Cheat Sheet

Just when you’ve designed the perfect layout for your twitter profile page, the network announces a site redesign. With all of the social media profiles you and clients have, staying on top of responsive design enhancements can be a full time job. ┬áThe essential social media design cheat sheet courtesy of Omnicore makes life a little easier.

The graphic is full of good info, including image size requirements, where to position graphics for optimum mobile viewing and notes specific to the social network. ┬áDid you know on Instagram, photos imported from a native phone camera will save at a lower resolution than those taken with the app’s camera?


Graphic via Omnicore

3 thoughts on “Design Resource: Essential Social Media Design Cheat Sheet”

  1. Excellent round-up. Also, it’s good to note that images saved as PNGs often appear more crisp (not down sampled) than JPGs. This is especially good for logos and flat graphics/colors.


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