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I don’t know about you, but the first thing I do when I get a printed piece is to run my hand across it. It doesn’t matter what the piece is – a menu, an invitation or a book cover – an involuntary reaction occurs. Much like taking a breath, I do it without even realizing it. Well, that is until I realize I’m in a restaurant or some other public place feeling up a menu and that probably looks really odd to non-industry people. When I got a copy of the book, Design to Touch Engraving: History, Process, Concepts, & Creativity, I lost complete sense of space, time and decorum.


A compendium on engraving, Design To Touch features thirty stunningly engraved pages by some of the best designers in the business along with rising stars of the industry. Its intended audience is students of graphic design, graphic arts, book arts and print making as well as curious professionals, or anyone interested in looking at how engraving can be used creatively within visual communications.


Written in an informal, approachable manner, the book the book starts out with a brief overview of the history and techniques of engraving and then focuses on my favorite part – the tactile. Actually it’s like an amped up print sample demonstrating the beauty of engraving type and images on gorgeous papers.

If a picture (or sample, in this case) is worth a thousand words, then this piece is a like a visual Wikipedia of engraving guiding the reader through what’s possible when designing with the fabled technique in mind. Whether you’re working on identity and branding design, promotional or packaging design, Design to Touch can lead to some interesting solutions.


Design to Touch brings the history of engraving together with creative, modern uses for the centuries-old craft by showcasing engraved artworks contributed by renowned designers including Stefan Sagmeister, Jessica Hische, Steve Sandstrom and Louise Fili. And in continued celebration of the art of engraving, Neenah Paper is featuring the book, and many of its beautifully engraved pages on The Beauty of Engraving site. “We hope to raise awareness for this book and for the time-honored process of engraving, and to touch a new generation of designers and show them that engraving can enhance any type of work,” said Auburne Gahlman, Associate Brand Manager, Neenah Paper.

Design to Touch is a beautifully produced, comprehensive visual and technical guide to engraved printing, co-authored by Rose Gonnella, it’s a way to introduce and explore creative, modern uses of this centuries-old craft. You know how much we love to share amazing paper and print resources, well we are super excited that IEGA (International Engraved Graphic Association) has given us a copy to share with one lucky reader. Sign up for a chance to win this incredible piece of design and print inspiration.

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