Design Army Uses Power of Print & Packaging to Create An Experience


What form of media does the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences rely on to welcome new members to the club? Print, of course. And why not? After all print has been proven to form some of the most personal, intimate connections with its audience. The team at Design Army created an experience around becoming a new member to this elite group. See how Design Army used the power of print and packaging to create a special experience for each new member. 


I don’t know about you, but I love getting packages. Especially ones that are thoughtfully crafted. And Design Army made sure that each person welcomed into the Academy Membership received a gift that’s designed to inform and entice.

“Delivered in a crisp black box with the gold The Academy logo debossed on the top cover and a white wrap with the words, “And the Academy Membership Goes to…” A new member will open the package and be transported to another world. Every item has a unique shape, color, texture, and purpose, along with touches of movie themes smartly applied throughout.”


While these kits are award worthy themselves, I think it’s the level of detail that makes them feel so special. “By providing all of the practical tools they need, like a planner with key dates already in the calendar, to more fun souvenirs, the kit conjures up nostalgic memories of old Hollywood – a beautiful homage to the past and valuable tool for the present.”

Each individual element feels purposefully chosen for the new member. That’s one of the things I love about packaging. It has the ability to deliver a bespoke, intimate experience for the recipient. The mere act of unboxing feels like a gift itself. That’s the power of print and packaging, it rewards both giver and receiver.




All images via Design Army



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