Curious About Print Production

It’s no secret, I love paper promotions. I think it all stems from my curiosity of what’s possible. When I look through a new piece I start thinking about all the different ways I can use a certain print technique or paper finish. I think about past projects and wonder what if? While I’m pretty adept at paper and all of its characteristics, I find I’m still learning new things all the time when it comes to print production – mainly because the technology keeps evolving. In the latest installment of the Appleton Coated series, Curious About Print Production, we get to explore the effects of printing colored images on colored paper and how to achieve different results using specific production techniques.

curious-about-print-parse-parcel03.pngThe cover of the piece is printed on the highly tactile Curious Matter 100# Cover in Goya White.  The paper itself is made from raw potato starch and feels a bit like sandpaper. Printed UV Offset 4 color process with three match colors (orange, blue and “highly pigmented” silver) and a clear thick spot UV coating,I swear you can’t stop touching the cover. Inside, the pages allow the user to mix and match combinations on Curious Skin, Curious Metallics, Curious Matter and Curious Touch.

curious-about-print-parse-parcel04.pngExploring ink and color, the piece demonstrates the effect colored paper has on an image printed either offset or UV offset along with the addition/subtraction of white opaque ink and spot gloss UV coatings.


Designed by the team at Rule 29, this promotion not only details what’s possible, but also offers some handy tips for printing on the different Curious Collection papers. For example, you may know that printing on a metallic paper allows the finish to reflect though the ink adding depth, but this shimmer also impacts the image contrast, appearing lighter than if printed on a flat finish sheet. 


Featuring detailed production notes and a handy production glossary on the inside back cover, we think this is one piece to add to your print production keeper file. And thanks to our friends at Appleton Coated, we’ll be sharing a copy in next month’s shipment of The Parcel – subscribe today!

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