Creative (UN)Blocks

For the client, it’s all about the end result but for the creative it’s usually about the process. How you get there makes all the difference between a product that’s a hit or a miss. For many that process is where inspiration and imagination come together in a plan. The newest promotion from Neenah: CREATIVE (UN)BLOCKS, designed by Chen Design Associates details the journey of how your paper selection can open a whole world of possibilities.

The piece is a four part kit: Study, Play, Connect and Make. Produced entirely on Neenah’s ENVIRONMENT Papers, it’s a display of breaking through the creative blocks that designers face in their everyday work. The kit enables the user to see how the four parts of the process can come together in a myriad of combinations, mirroring the creative process and culminating in the final product.

The idea behind the piece was to provide creatives with real printed material they can refer to when running into one of those creative blocks. The 8×10 inch sized paper promotion breaks into four smaller books, each representing environments where designers find themselves in during the day. Using visual and copy prompts on nearly 150 pages, the books explore these environments and ways for designers to push through their creative blocks:
  • Study: Researching the who, what, where, when and why of a project
  • Play: Exploring new perspectives when creating
  • Connect: Communicating with others in new ways
  • Make: Turning a new idea into a tangible masterpiece

For those of you not familiar with ENVIRONMENT, this is a great piece to learn about the line – which lends itself to four sustainable fiber options. It has recycled content from 30 – 100% PCW, as well as papers made from bamboo and bagasse. Want to see Creative (UN) Blocks for yourself? Sign up today to receive THE PARCEL delivered to your door.


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