The Basics of Menu Design

Forget about making the best sellers list, what every one is reading these days are menus.  The newest print promotion from Neenah is dedicated to a subject near and dear to the graphic designer’s heart (and stomach) – Menu Design. And a well designed menu can more than cover its expense in just one days tally, while a poorly designed one can have customers saying “check please” instead of asking to see the dessert menu.

The last time Neenah did a print promotion on menu design was more than 5 years ago – and we still have freelance designers asking if we can score them one. Once you look through this promo, you’ll know why. Did you know a menu program should run for thirty-six months or that the biggest mistake in menu design is how the prices are listed?

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Here’s a peek inside
Neenah_Menu1 Neenah_menu6

Neenah Puts the Ahhh in Correspondence

Recently the folks at Neenah Paper sponsored the Correspondence Salon for Ladies & Gentlemen event to help celebrate the grand opening of the William H. Gross Stamp Gallery at the Smithsonian National Postal Museum. In honor of the event they created a piece to make philatelics swoon – The Classic Correspondence Kit. The kit, which features Neenah’s flagship Classic brand of papers, and its contents were designed by Studio A. Here’s a peek at what the lucky attendees received.

Images via Neenah Paper

Moleskine + 53 = Book

We love this, Moleskine and 53 have collabrated to create BOOK – bringing your digital artwork to life in a customized hardcover Moleskine notebook. The service works off of 53’s PAPER app for iPad – which allows users to print 15 pages of their content onto coated matte paper (and it’s FSC certified). It’s a great example of print on demand at it’s finest – no need to resize pages, the app was developed match the iPad ratio. Simply create your art in the PAPER app, select what you want to be your cover image and in two weeks receive your own custom Moleskine book. To learn more view the video below from 53.

Book / Bring Ideas to Life from FiftyThree on Vimeo.

Old School Meets New School


Graphic designer, Cristina Vanko, inspired by finding her father’s calligraphy pen, experimented with sending hand written notes to people for one week – the results are stunning. As one lucky contact put it “old school + new school. It’s like you’re texting but you’re not.” We love this. Read about Cristina’s week long project and view her work here. And we agree, having a pen and paper handy at all times is always a good idea.



Neenah Introduces the Design Collection


Eleven paper grades in one swatchbook, now that’s our idea of a resource tool. Neenah recently announced a partnership with Italian paper-maker Gruppo Cordenons. The Design Collection now makes papers grades Moondream, Canaletto, Plike and Stardream easily accessible to designers – but it gets even better.  Neenah added their ultra-premium grades: Eames, Esse, Oxford,Teton, and Starwhite into the Design Collection – making it a one stop shop for creatives looking for the perfect paper.


Not only does the swatchbook feature these beautiful papers, but it showcases some great print techniques like foil stamping, embossing and metallic inks. The Design Collection, a select grouping of specialty print papers, boasts an extensive range of colors and textures and is a perfect choice for luxury applications such as packaging, extraordinary envelopes, gift card holders, identity materials, greeting cards and other print collateral for brands that desire to distinguish themselves by hand and eye. Join Parse & Parcel to stay up to date on papers from your favorite mills like the Design Collection by Neenah.

Enve & Lope – First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage


We told you about the courtship between Enve & Lope Earlier this year, now the two love birds have taken their relationship a step further with the announcement of their wedding. The Wedding suite is a recent promotion from Mohawk, the promotional concept and design was developed by Katie Barcelona, of Room 207 Design, and illustrated by Erik Marinovich, a letterist and designer based in San Francisco. Don’t know about you but we hope these two have lots of babies, we can’t wait to see what the birth announcements look like. Join Parse & Parcel and stay up to date on all the best print + paper promotions.



Mohawk is for the Makers


Mohawk is no stranger to fans of paper + print. If you’ve been following them over the past few months, you’ve no doubt witnessed their brand transform – new logo, new website and new promotions. They recently launched a fab new campaign that celebrates craft in a digital world, with some new promotions all about the Maker Movement.

The concept was designed and created by Hybrid Design in San Francisco. Meant to celebrate Mohawk Superfine and tie into the company’s existing “What Will You Make Today?” mantra.  The team at Hybrid felt “heading down the traditional paper promotion trail wasn’t right for the new Mohawk of today. We needed something different, so we started thinking about Mohawk in the “maker” context. And a campaign was born.”

The campaign consists of three new publications which “feature the stories of printers, designers, manufacturers, artists, artisans, musicians, and all those who make their living as makers.” The Mohawk Declaration of Craft, The Mohawk Craft Cooperative, and The Mohawk Maker Quarterly publications promote and underscore the importance of craftsmanship and collaboration in a digital era. In addition Mohawk’s partnering with Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia as Supporting Sponsor of the 2013 Martha Stewart American Made program and awards ceremony. Learn more about the Declaration of Craft and the Maker Quarterly, sign up to join Parse & Parcel.



All images via Mohawk

Color, Color Everywhere


100 Colors is the exhibit created by French Architect & Designer, Emmanuelle Moureaux and uses 840 sheets of gorgeous paper. The designer, who upon a visit to Tokyo was inspired by the “color overflowing in the street” and decided to move to Japan, is celebrating her 10th anniversary. She wanted to show the beauty of color to the fullest extent – the installation gives one the feeling of being enveloped in color. Read more on DesignBoom