Airbnb Launches Print Magazine

airbnb-launches-print-magazineOn the heels of their recent logo redesign, unique accommodations company Airbnb has launched a print magazine—Pineapple. Since interaction with their brand often ends with the app, the company wanted to have a more tangible offline presence. The quarterly issues of Pineapple reveal the hidden secrets of three locations where their services are offered; this time in 128 pages of ad-free, glossy glory.


The premier issue focuses on London, San Francisco and Seoul in what Airbnb calls “a crossroad of travel and anthropology; a document of community, belonging and shared space.” Full page photo spreads and bold typography give an in-depth look at the communities and encourage adventurers to pay a visit. Crisp, clean, and cute (the script logo—adorable!), Pineapple offers readers suffering from wanderlust a great escape.

In essence, print told the story that digital could not. Now the faraway land of South Korea is vibrant and in-reach; the hustle and bustle of London is simply magnificent. Airbnb’s clients are not the type to want the ordinary experience out of travel. This foray into print reflects the sort of daring, dauntless attitude that the lodging app encourages. We only hope that since Airbnb knows the value of using print to connect with its audience and build brand loyalty, that they opt for a paper stock in a more tactile finish like silk or matte. Or dare we say, even an uncoated paper?  If the production manager for Pineapple is reading this, may we suggest a couple mock ups on different finishes to see the impact paper can have?

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