Introducing Parse & Parcel – your personal paper consultant.


Parse & Parcel is an online resource dedicated to helping graphic designers gain a deeper understanding of how to use paper and production techniques to transform their work and build a winning portfolio.

Our products work because they provide creatives with access to valuable design resources, demonstrating how to achieve the print results they envision.

Great design doesn’t require hip clients, unrestricted deadlines or unlimited budgets, those are luxuries few have. But great design does require thoughtful execution of all the details – and that includes paper and production.


Parse & Parcel shows you how to execute those details through the use of real print and paper samples – opening up a whole new world of possibilities. Think of us as your own personal paper consultant.

See and feel the impact paper selection has on a brand’s message. Gain a better understanding of how and when to use certain print techniques to punctuate elements of a design.

Transform your work and watch your client roster grow because you finally understand the secret to producing great design.

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