Designed and produced for The Parcel subscribers, our limited edition topography journals and pencil box set were a labor of love. To learn more about our process, the production process and the importance of good supplier relationships, check out this posttopography-inspired-journal-pencil-box-parse-parcel.


At the Parse & Parcel studio, our workday started out the same way every day. Grab a sheet of paper and scrawl out all the things we want to accomplish. Sound familiar?

We get it, you need to get all the stuff that’s swirling inside your head out and on paper. Once it’s written down you can stop obsessing and start working.

If you’re like us and overly ambitious, by Friday your desk is a cluttered mess with piles of half completed lists.

We thought there had to be a better way to plan the workday and projects.

We tried tons of analog options. And  spent a small fortune on pretty, but non-functional planners. But nothing seemed to worked for what we needed.

We were at a loss.

So we decided to take matters into our own hands.

Meet The Planner. –  the perfect paper tool for planning life’s little details. And you know how obsessed we are about the details.?