5 Tips for Choosing Earth Friendly Papers


Here are top tips but if you are looking for more info, check out our earlier post on the subject.

1. Choose paper with the highest amount of PCW content for the job. Did you see that last part? For the job. Just because a sheet is 100%PCW does not mean it is appropriate for every print project.

2. Select a sheet that is manufactured with third party chain of custody certification. Today that means one of three options: FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), or SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative), These certifications insure that the paper is coming from a well-managed forest.

3. Select paper that is manufactured with renewable energy – think wind power, solar, bio-mass, hydroelectric – to name a few. Look for the Green-e logo on the swatchbook to insure your paper is made with renewable energy.

4. Select paper that is manufactured chlorine free. When paper is recycled, the manufacturers need to remove the ink on the sheet being recycled – that is done by bleaching.

5. Look for papers made close to home. Sounds simple, but sometimes I think specifiers forget about this and only focus and PCW and FSC – while both are important, if you spec paper that’s made a world away you negate all of the good in your choice by the toll it takes on the environment during transport.

Our go to earth friendly papers:
Appleton Coated U2:XG
Mohawk Loop
Neenah Environment (more info on this newly relaunch grade)
Sappi McCoy

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