5 Surefire Signs of a Good Sales Rep

Finding a good rep can be challenging. You may prefer a certain company, but your rep might but be less than adept. On the other hand, you may find a certain rep to be a delight to work with, but perhaps her company’s products/services are too limited. We’ve all been there. And as someone who has been on both sides of the desk, I know all too well the pitfalls many reps and clients face. I thought I’d share my list of tell tale signs a good sales rep exhibits.


These nuggets hold true regardless of the industry you’re in.When it comes to your career, vendor relationships can be the difference between glowing reviews and grim reality. And like most relationships, they require a little bit of work if you want to reap the rewards. Good manners go a long way towards building a solid vendor/client relationship – so does follow up and acknowledgement of a job well done.



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