Will 2016 Be a Good Year for Creative Jobs?

2016-salary-forecast-creatives-parse-parcelDuring my freshman year at college I worked in the alumni office. I was one of the students who called alum asking if they’d pledge support for their beloved alma mater. I have to say I never really appreciated this job until years later. Last night I received one of those calls from a senior who is in the same program I was (sort of). She’s a communications major with a focus on integrated marketing and social media, we chatted for a bit about her senior year – turns out she may be a great intern candidate for Parse & Parcel next semester. I wish I had seen The Creative Group 2016 Salary Guide, prior to our conversation, it looks like 2016 will be a good year for creative jobs and a promising year for my future fellow alum.

For creatives looking to make a transition, this may be your year. According to the report, when it comes to hiring trends, job seekers are in control. Highly skilled candidates in marketing, web-development and design seem to have the upper hand in this job market. In case you didn’t know, there’s a shortage of qualified talent out there, so when it comes time to negotiate, don’t be afraid to seek your true value and then some (especially if you have 3+ years of experience).

No shocker on this next one, digital still drives the bus. Employees at all experience levels who posses mobile and responsive design skills are in hot pursuit. And if you have some experience on designing for small screen devices (ie. watch), look out.

When it comes to perks, signing bonuses aren’t just for athletes, creatives can get in on the action. But the incentives don’t stop there, look for opportunities like flex-time, working remotely and PTO to name a few. In addition companies are actually investing in training as they acknowledge a greater need to not only hire but retain highly skilled employees. This is great news for those junior designers looking to sharpen their skill set.

While counter-offers are increasing, it’s still not great form to alienate a future employer right off the bat – proceed with caution in this approach. And since marketing budgets are increasing, that means more opportunities for part-time or contract workers to increase hours/gain full-time in-house employment with companies and agencies they have a proven track record with.

Check out the full report for more info on salary range, in demand skill sets and regional salaries.

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