15 Ways to Find the Perfect Kraft Paper


Trying to find the perfect kraft paper can make any graphic designer feel a bit like Goldilocks. This one’s too light, this one’s too dark – you get the picture. Before you know it, you’ve spent hours looking at paper samples and you’re still haven’t found the perfect one. Sound familiar? At Parse & Parcel, we get more questions about kraft paper than other type of paper out there. So we dove dive deep into The Swatchbox and put together this guide to help designers find the perfect kraft paper. 


Finding just the right kraft paper is important in conveying the proper tone and messaging of a brand. Kraft papers are a natural choice for visually communicating a message of sustainability or environmental friendliness.  Other qualities kraft papers convey are organic, natural, healthy, pure and authentic. Their versatility makes them a great choice for design with a minimal or deconstructed aesthetic, or paired with a foil stamp for a hint of unexpected luxury. The good news is that there are plenty of kraft papers to choose from, the secret is finding the perfect one for your project.

For the sake of argument, this guide refers to papers that fall into the category of kraft papers manufactured for commercial printing. The color offering is narrowed to the traditional brown kraft color palette. Where certified digital paper options are available, it’s noted below the specific color and by basis weight. Note that most of these papers will work fine for most digital printing applications, even though they are not “certified digital,” that certification is usually designated for digital production color presses (ex. HP Indigo). I have used a few of these kraft papers for digital printing very successfully even though they are not “certified” digital. The best way to know if the sheet you found is the perfect kraft paper for your project is to check with your printer and have them test some samples first.


Also included in this guide are matching envelopes. Everyone loves kraft envelopes – myself included (kraft is one of the colors in P&P’s identity). So, I have also included the available manufactured envelope sizes. Note that all of the papers and envelopes listed are available through the individual mill’s websites – if you can’t find them locally through a paper merchant. Just be aware that minimum order quantities of envelopes will vary by website (ex. some mills offer envelope quantities of 50, while other mill sites have a 250 or 500 minimum quantity on envelopes).

Here are 15 ways to find the perfect kraft paper for your next print project. If you find this guide helpful make sure to join our mailing list – it’s where we share our best tips when it comes to finding the perfect paper.


4 thoughts on “15 Ways to Find the Perfect Kraft Paper”

  1. Great detective work! Kraft paper can be especially frustrating when you think you have found the perfect thing only to get a sample and find it’s a different (read not very nice) colour on the back! So, thank you for including the backs in this too.

    For UK peeps can I add Paperback paper to your list? I love their Kraft paper, which comes in loads of colours. Almond is a particular favourite – not too yellow, not too brown. I think Goldilocks would approve! 🙂

    • Thanks for the info Sarah, I hope our UK friends will check out your recommendation. It was also mentioned that Gmund Heidi in the Soft Kraft shade is nice option for letterpress printing.


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