Paper Resources to inspire creative print design.

Creatives know great design is all about the details. Yet when it comes to print, many forget the biggest detail of all – paper.


We get it. You’d love to use better papers, but finding them shouldn’t be a full-time job. That’s why we created Parse & Parcel.


Produce impressive print your clients will love – and build a stellar portfolio in the process. It all starts with a better understanding of paper and print production.

<strong>The Parcel</strong>
The Parcel
A luxe box, filled with stunning print and paper samples. Curated with designers in mind, each issue shares inspiring projects with all the production details.
<strong>The Swatchbox</strong>
The Swatchbox
Your search for the perfect paper starts here. The complete collection of paper swatch books, neatly organized and beautifully packaged. Available individually or as a set.
<strong>The Sample Studio</strong>
The Sample Studio
Need help convincing a client to move forward on a print project? Order paper samples to compare colors, textures and weights. Purchase mock-ups made to spec and wow the client.

We got our first package yesterday and we are all thrilled with it. I just wanted to thank you and say great job pulling this together, I hope that you are finding much success with this, because we want to keep getting it! – Chris O.

Parse & Parcel is a great way to efficiently deliver print samples and design inspiration to the creative community. It solves a major “hole” that has existed in our industry’s service platform while reinforcing the fact that print is still alive, cool and a critical element in any communication strategy. – Millcraft Paper Company

I love what you’re doing – I purchased the swatch box kit a few months back and it’s been a tremendous resource for me! – Maddie H.

Just got my first Parse & Parcel package. You had me at hello. – Revolver Studios

Thank you Parse & Parcel for my great box of design inspiration! I really like Neenah’s new environment collection colors. – Kerrie K.

Brilliant concept! So happy to have found you – every designer needs this. – Andrew A.

At one time I had drawers full of innovative samples to bring out each time we brainstormed on a new project. These days I never see any paper reps or samples. Great site, I just subscribed – Martha L.

Love what you are doing because designers feel a bit lost these days with less and less paper stores, and the disappearance of spec reps. We are happy to find you. We’d love to send you our new swatchbooks and samples to include in The Parcel. – Reich Paper

The best day of the month is when that beautiful package of paper inspiration arrives at my door. Christine A.

I am so excited to hear about this service!! WHAT A STELLAR IDEA (and where have you been all of my life?!?) This is a service that SO MANY designers need … EVERYONE wants samples … you don’t want to be greedy to your Reps … but you also don’t have time to go out and order the sample packs every month to stay current. I love this idea and wish you the utmost success. – Katherine V.

Very excited to find you, there is a BIG need for this type of service/knowledge. – Diane S.

Thank you for the packaging talk today! So appreciative of you sharing your insight, great to have such a resource available to designers. – Tara C

Great idea Jill! Paper merchants no longer employ the paper specifiers that used to educate our designer clients and they are HUNGRY for swatchbooks and samples! – Highlight Printing

What perfect timing! Just last week I begged and pleaded with my paper rep to PLEASE PLEASE keep me updated with current trending paper, product from the design bank, new samples, etc. When I take off work to visit the paper house, it is not looked upon kindly by my superiors. So I just signed up with your new product to have a package shipped to me monthly. Thank you for saving my creative mind! – Kerri K.

Just got lost on your site for nearly an hour – LOVE EVERYTHING! – Morgan H.

Wow! Info-packed site Jill. You are always a top paper resource! – Sandy H.

I am thoroughly enjoying The Parcel. Always a good source of inspiration. Pat R.